(Wo)man vs. wild

I’m working through Genesis this semester in one of my Bible studies, and today we talked about the curses God gave because of the fall of Adam and Eve. One curse was man must now “toil” the land, laboring hard to care for it. And He wasn’t kidding! Gardening/yard work is tough stuff. Just ask my hamstrings and back muscles.

Yesterday, Jay and I took advantage of the cool morning and worked on our sad little yard. I did NOT take a picture of myself doing any work. Your welcome. It wasn’t pretty.

We’re actually meeting with a landscaper tomorrow to see how much it would cost for us to put in a little flower bed and some potted plants around. Here’s a view from the front of the house. It just seems…blagh.

I just want some personality for the house. It doesn’t seem inviting.

Here are some of the ideas I have for the front.

Thought bubble mania.

I would like to put large numbers in that open section. Our house numbers are currently on that garage door, but do not appear here due to some crazy easy er, super difficult photoshop techniques. 🙂

I like this idea from here:

I think the copper might blend into our brick, though.

Or the potted plants could do double the work like these from here:

Those are fun.

Or this from here: (I think I’d hang ours instead of drilling into our brick)

All great ideas. Just need a little something to dress it up.

Do any of you have cool house numbers? Or maybe some that are a little out there?


2 thoughts on “(Wo)man vs. wild

  1. Mrs. M says:

    Snap! I also spent a lot of yesterday working on landscaping the back yard of our town-house. It’s a rental, so we don’t want to invest too much in it, but we do want it to look nice while we’re here! We also need to invest in some numbers for our front fence – our house is one of four that comes off a courtyard so people can sometimes get confused as to which is our house! The copper numbers are gorgeous!

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