Discovery Bottles

I’ve been looking for some activities to do with Corbin during the day. I’ve loved finding different blogs and sites devote to time with our little ones. It can be hard to conjure up fun and exciting things for them to do because their attention span is so short! I’ve tried reading a book to him, and it ends up one of two ways: 1) me trying to pry the pages out from under is sweet little diapered cheeks or 2) me wiping up the drool or other bodily fluids from the book. The Little Engine that Could will never be the same.

So instead I went for something a little more durable. A discovery bottle.

I actually had a picture of the bottle, but sadly it didn’t make it to my computer before being deleted off my phone. #photofail

But it’s similar to this one from here:

Look at that sweet face. Gracious.

Corbin really enjoyed it. I taped the lid on just to be sure because he likes to throw things. And I’m glad I did!

What makes him happy makes me happy!


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