It’ll Wash

Earlier today I lost my child in a pile if leaves in our backyard. Yes, that’s how large the piles are. Don’t judge lest your leaves be judged.

Sickness and the busyness of the holiday season have prevented leaf raking. Therefore, colossal leaf piles.

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not I baby Corbin. I asked his BSF class to move him to the next room. He was still in the birth-one year old class even though he’s almost 14 months. He’s in there with little bitty babes, and the other class has kids his age. He’s smaller compared to most kids his size, so sometimes I wonder if they try to protect him by keeping him away from bigger kids. Not a bad thought, but not how I’d like it to be.

So I wondered if I do the same. Do I protect him too much? Am I allowing him to fall a little so he can learn how to navigate the world around him? Do I guide him on the easiest path or let him choose a harder one?

If you ever want to see what kind of parent you are, let your child play in a yard full of leaves. It’ll reveal some ugly truths.

As soon as he stepped off the porch into a giant leaf blob, I felt myself tense up. He’ll be dirty. What if he eats a leaf? Or dirt? What if he smacks his head on the concrete pavers below? He’s scuffing his shoes by crawling through leaf and concrete steps!


We have a split level backyard, with one section dropping off about 3.5-4 feet. It’s a sizable drop for a kid…any kid. So there’s some room for caution.

But I really never let him play out there because of all those nagging thoughts. How sad is that?

He had a blast by the way. 30 minutes of un-mom-interrupted leaf time. They were everywhere. And he did try to eat one.


My child is teaching me so much about The Lord. And I’m thankful.

Loving us enough to want to protect us but also enough to let us choose our own way.


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