This week I have felt the tension between us and our overly full calendar.

Jay, Corbin, and I are all exhausted–worn out from all of the activities we have. It’s weird to think my new full-time job will bring less exhaustion, but I think it will. It will be more structured than the part-time one I have now. It’s been so difficult to shuffle Corbin around because of my changing work schedule. Different people have to pick him up on different days, and I don’t like it.

Plus, I just found out that Dr Pepper has a fitness center on the bottom floor. What?! That may be the most exciting perk for me about working there…other than free Dr Pepper…and the discount I get on childcare. Nope. All the perks are awesome.

Today, I’m at work on my second-to-last work day. Everything’s really slow because our line of work (higher education work) is seasonal. Advising season, graduation season…all of those seasons bring work. However, week-bef0re-Spring-Break brings nada. So…this is what I’m doing right now. 🙂

I need to get all sorts of stuff ready for C’s childcare–shot records, copies of all sorts of documents, etc. And I need to make his nap mat! I really liked this one from Sew Like My Mom. I’d like it more if the pillow and blanket were attached. Walmart has this one. Jay thinks we should just buy it because I won’t have time to make one before C starts daycare in two weeks.

He may be right.



2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. What cool job perks! Maybe you could compromise with the nap mat. Buy it but put your own label or iron-on letters on it or something…?

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