That’s right…

Potty HeadIt’s a toilet seat on his head. A used toilet seat–as in, chances-are-it-isn’t-totally-clean toilet seat.

Now, I know some of you toilet-savvy moms may be thinking, “Hey, Worst Mom Ever, is that little gray thing between his eyes what I think it is?” Why yes, yes it is. That’s the pee-pee guard.

Cause Heaven forbid the pee-pee should splash onto the floor. I mean, THAT would be unsanitary.

I started to ask myself, “What the what?!” as he came out, but he informed me that he’s a police officer.


Now, my dad has been a police officer for many years, and I have yet to see him wear a toddler toilet. Granted, I wasn’t with him in the car on every call, but I feel like I would’ve remembered something like that. Apparently my child has a bit of a perception issue.

Like this the other day…

Child with shorts on head“Look mama! I’m a koala.”

Umm…what? Zookeepers everywhere are shaking their heads in disbelief. Mom. Fail.

Even though I cringe at the thought of what he just put on his head (keep in mind, I did stop him from putting the gray piece in his mouth!), I’m glad he does stuff like this, especially on the days I need it most.

Today was a Sonic run day. But I guess that’s for another post. I need to go wash my child.




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