Rain, sleet, snow or…what?!

My story begins with normalcy.

It’s a beautiful day–pretty warm, as I am in the desert Texas. Birds chirping, planes flying overhead. The usual. I walk outside to get our mail. And that’s where things get weird.

Our mailbox is gone.

You ask, The mailbox? Gone? Who steals a mailbox right off the post? 

Oh no, sweet friend. The entire mailbox is gone–post ‘n all. All that’s left is a metal rod in the ground and some upturned dirt.

What the what?!

After some lengthy conversations with the post office, the UPS delivery manager, our trash service, our HOA, and the police, I have come to the following conclusions:

Someone stole our mailbox, and I still don’t know who.

I should totally become a detective.

So this week, on the agenda: buy a mailbox. Our life is weird 🙂


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