Just Keep Swimming

Ah, to feel weightless. That’s how every 7 months pregnant whale woman wants to feel.

Jay and Kassidy (my sis) both have accompanied me to a neighbor’s pool several times so I could float around, trying to get some exercise…but more importantly, trying not to drown. For those of you pregnant, I highly recommend swimming. Especially when we’re having record-setting temperatures here in Texas! (Jay and I got home from dinner yesterday evening at 9:30 p.m. and the outside temp said 97 degrees!) Not.Okay.

As far as diy crafting goes, I’ve made some progress! Last week, I opened my Etsy account in an effort to 1) begin releasing the creativity in me that desperately wants to get out and 2) generate some moo-lah for the fall.

I posted here about a wreath I was making out of magazine pages. I was able to finish it the next day but posting while getting things ready for baby Corbin and working 40 hours a week has become super difficult! More power to those of you who are able…

Either way, here’s the finished product!

diy wreathdiy wreathdiy wreathI thought it turned out really nicely! The pages weren’t hard to glue to the wreath base (I use wood instead of foam for security), and the colors of the pages really popped! Plus, I like that I was able to use a magazine I was no longer reading to make this wreath. Score.

Tonight, Jay and I are celebrating being able to watch t.v. again! Not that we’re big t.v. people, but when one of your wedding presents to yourself is a flat screen, and then you cancel cable because you’re having a baby, you feel sorry for your flat screen…that it’s not able to fulfill its purpose. Now, with a trusty paper clip, my husband has rigged our t.v. to accept local channels. Jay’s We’re watching the Rangers Game as we speak! And the flat screen is happy.

I think we’re planning to wake up early tomorrow and head to Hobby Lobby. I have an unused gift card, an open Saturday, and a host of Pinterest pics I’m unabashedly addicted to. That’s a dangerous combination, friends.



Yesterday, after I determined I only had nine weeks of work left (and income!), I decided to start up a few things to generate some moolah. One of the ideas I had was to begin my Etsy store.

Like so many others (I hope!), I started an Etsy store awhile ago but really didn’t post much on it (lazy). Today though, I totally rocked Etsy! I uploaded a Vintage Paper Wreath I made a few months ago (here) to my site and am super excited about it! I already had one person list it as a Favorite Item…and that makes me stupidly giddy!

So, in an effort to give it my all-or-none-type attention, I started on another wreath. This one’s a little different though.

Instead of using book pages, I thought a magazine might work well. I have tons of Real Simple magazines that I absolutely loved reading but now didn’t have a use for. I saved the pages that inspired me (great recipes, design, DIY tips) and began tearing out colorful pages throughout the magazine. I ran across one of their sections about halfway through, which I thought was ironic.

Straight from the horse’s mouth…er, editor’s pen…?

I didn’t feel so bad tearing out those pages because the magazine endorsed repurposing! It was practically asking for new life…

As soon as I started, I realized I didn’t really like rolling the paper the same way I did with the book page wreath. So, I tried something different.

I folded the paper almost like a regular flower, where it gathers in the center. Then, I hot glued it there and pinned it with a clothespin after many, many near-burns.

This kept the “flower” design intact without running up my medical bills.

Then, I began placing the magazine flowers around the wreath, and this is what I have so far!

Right now, it kind of looks like a bad hat.

But rest assured! At the end, it will be amazing. 🙂

Time for some more glue and then sleep. Corbin’s made it a little difficult to get a good night’s rest lately. Hoping for restful sleep tonight!

*Is anyone else impressed with the New Uses for Old Things section above? Who knew vanilla could mask the smell of paint??

Herbert’s New Look

Jay and I were shopping fiends today. We hit up (not in an “illegal” sort of way) Home Goods and Target. That’s what they get for bunking in the same strip mall.

Before baby Corbin makes his appearance in October, Jay and I want to update certain areas of our house. Come fall, all the cash flow (or trickle, as it were) will be flowing in little Corbin’s direction. For now, it’s update-the-living-room time.

I introduced you to Herbert already here. He’s a happy addition to our cozy little living area. But today, Herbert got a makeover.

OH YEAH! (said like the Kool-Aid man) We love this rug from Target!

Plus, we scored these pillows for $10 a piece. Herb’s looking good.

Since the couch is so soft and cuddly, the pups enjoy laying on it, too. Who could blame them? However, we’re trying to persuade them to find another place to lay. So we bought this dog pillow from Home Goods.

Not my absolute favorite pillow, but the green’s match our new rug and the dogs do like it. Although, I couldn’t snap a pic of them laying on it…yet.

Other updates…

Yes those are my pasty feet. But hey, I’m 5 months pregnant and I can still see them! Glass. Half. Full.

This squishy rectangle of goodness is indeed a bath mat. But that’s neither here nor there…it’s squishy and I like it.

This is the new shower curtain for the guest room bathroom. It’s a gray color with white flowers.

We’re planning to paint the guest room bathroom gray and accent it with magenta and white. Here are the towels we bought to kick off the bright!

It’s not ready, but it’s progress.

We also bought black curtains for the guest room (to compliment the yellow, black, and gray comforter here), but they were too short for our extra long window. With receipt in hand, I will be back for longer curtains.

Time. To. Sleep. I think it was a productive Saturday!