Just Keep Swimming

Ah, to feel weightless. That’s how every 7 months pregnant whale woman wants to feel.

Jay and Kassidy (my sis) both have accompanied me to a neighbor’s pool several times so I could float around, trying to get some exercise…but more importantly, trying not to drown. For those of you pregnant, I highly recommend swimming. Especially when we’re having record-setting temperatures here in Texas! (Jay and I got home from dinner yesterday evening at 9:30 p.m. and the outside temp said 97 degrees!) Not.Okay.

As far as diy crafting goes, I’ve made some progress! Last week, I opened my Etsy account in an effort to 1) begin releasing the creativity in me that desperately wants to get out and 2) generate some moo-lah for the fall.

I posted here about a wreath I was making out of magazine pages. I was able to finish it the next day but posting while getting things ready for baby Corbin and working 40 hours a week has become super difficult! More power to those of you who are able…

Either way, here’s the finished product!

diy wreathdiy wreathdiy wreathI thought it turned out really nicely! The pages weren’t hard to glue to the wreath base (I use wood instead of foam for security), and the colors of the pages really popped! Plus, I like that I was able to use a magazine I was no longer reading to make this wreath. Score.

Tonight, Jay and I are celebrating being able to watch t.v. again! Not that we’re big t.v. people, but when one of your wedding presents to yourself is a flat screen, and then you cancel cable because you’re having a baby, you feel sorry for your flat screen…that it’s not able to fulfill its purpose. Now, with a trusty paper clip, my husband has rigged our t.v. to accept local channels. Jay’s We’re watching the Rangers Game as we speak! And the flat screen is happy.

I think we’re planning to wake up early tomorrow and head to Hobby Lobby. I have an unused gift card, an open Saturday, and a host of Pinterest pics I’m unabashedly addicted to. That’s a dangerous combination, friends.


Couch Potato

Jay and I have been wanting a new couch for our living room for awhile now. Not that we didn’t love love love the Italian leather one my parents allowed us to use (so gracious), but it had a certain western vibe we weren’t feelin’. Although, leather is super easy to clean, so it was difficult to think about getting something different.

Nevertheless, we were brave. We ventured out to find a great couch (and deal!). Since we have students over from the youth group often, (or, since every time two or more people come over we’re instantly out of seating) we wanted something that offered a few more seating options. A sectional perhaps?

Perhaps indeed.

Meet our new friend couch. Herbert.


Ok, his name isn’t actually Herbert (I haven’t cleared that with Jay, yet). But he kind of looks like a Herbert.

Sigh. He’s such a good man. Easy to clean. Soft. Strong. I’ll stop there.

Plus, the entire couch (and ottoman, left) has storage! Currently, there’s nothing there. But, once Corbin’s around, the stuff we have in our house is sure to multiply. It’s a fact.

We picked up the sectional from Home Reserve, a website I found from blog stalking the Young House Love peoples. We really enjoyed working with Home Reserve, and all the reviews seemed great. It was the easiest piece of furniture we’ve ever put together! And by we, I mean Jay. Pregnant Nicole doesn’t get to do anything fun…

The sectional without shipping and tax was around $530! A steal, we think.

So that’s Herbert, er Unnamed Man Couch. He’s pretty.

Also new: Corbin’s crib!

baby crib

Through tons of sweat and hard work, Jay and I put together Corbin’s beautiful crib. B-e-a-utiful. It’s a Graco Lauren Crib from Babies R Us. It’s convertible so we can eventually use it for more than just a crib. Plus, it’s durable without being SUPER expensive. We like.

Random facts about life now:

Fact 1: My baby bump is growing! I’m currently at 21 weeks, although this pic was taken at 19.

Tons of people said it didn’t count as a bump because I wasn’t very big. To them, I stick out my tongue. :::tongue sticking out::: Corbin’s doing the very best he can! (And the amount of food I’m eating can’t be hurting!)

Fact 2: My sister is living with us for the summer, allowing some much needed girl time. Jay is surviving.

Fact 3: I am, in part, happy the NBA playoffs are over so I don’t have to hear about the Mavs. Not hating, just sayin’ I’m ready for something new!

Fact 4: Tights as pants are offensive.

That’s all! Ready for some R&R with the pups on Herbert. Wooosa…


The cold weather is moving out and the sunshine is bright and warm. Mmmmm…deep sigh of goodness.

Much has happened in the last month or so. Jay and I bought a new car! Well, new to us anyway. It’s a Toyota Matrix. Super cute + four doors + great gas mileage = happy mommy-to-be. Getting a car seat in and out of my two-door Civic was not going to be fun.

Since we’re talking about the baby (so glad you brought it up!), we’re 15 weeks along! We’ve got our next appointment this Friday in the a.m. I’ve been told we won’t find out the sex of the baby Friday–sad day–but we should be able to at the next appointment in June. Whoohoo! After that, I’ll start the registry and get things moving on the nursery. We’re still thinking zoo animals…precious, right?? I mean, what’s cuter than this?

It’s a baby wombat, and the answer is nothing.

In other news, my new main concern is figuring out what we’re going to do once Baby Miller comes in October-ish. Jay and I are both working full time, so there’s no one at home to watch Baby, and I hear that’s a problem!

I have some ideas…freelance editing and design work, craft projects to make/sell on Etsy,…ideas ideas ideas. I’m actually about to work on an online portfolio site to hopefully generate some income. That said, I have to run.

FYI: Right now, I’m blog-stalking this one: Dear Lizzy. Besides being amazingly crafty and gorgeous, she’s also HILARIOUS…that’s my kind of craft blog…

Wombat pic from here.