His Story

“Our answer is yes.”

As I hung up the phone, I thought, Oh my. 

Lord, what are you doing? 

It’s two weeks before I take the LSAT, and we’re bringing home a one-month-old foster child. Baby L was on his way.

Insert. Panic.

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Now you see him…

Corbin PicEveryone: Meet Wyatt. 

No. Not the one on the right. That’s Corbin. Mostly naked, watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. (Is there another way to watch t.v.?)

Wyatt is the one on the left, in the Cars chair. 

Oh, and he’s imaginary, in case you couldn’t tell. 

Yes, Wyatt is our new friend. There when you need him…maybe even a little when you don’t. Like when you’re trying to eat dinner and Corbin won’t eat because he’s concerned Wyatt will try to jump from his too-high position on the stairs.  

Or when you’re late to an appointment but you can’t leave yet because Wyatt isn’t buckled. Even the imaginary need to follow the laws. 

C’s imaginary friend appeared in the last few months. I don’t know if he’s a response to wanting a sibling, or if C’s even able to sense that feeling as a need. I’m never sure how much he feels, though I know it’s more than I think. 

Ever since Wyatt made his appearance (or lack thereof), I started looking up some info on imaginary friends. I’ve seen stats that claim only 35% of kids develop them, while US Today (2012) quotes the New York University Child Study’s stat of 65%. Both Jay and I had imaginary friends. His was Sonic the Hedgehog (the fastest thing alive!) and mine was Pee-Wee Herman (don’t judge).  

That US Today article also goes on to say that children with imaginary friends tend to be more creative and excel in verbal skills. While I can’t speak for everyone’s kid, but I think one of the main words to describe Corbin would be vocal, loud verbal.

Either way, Wyatt is sticking around, which is just fine with me. Sometimes they play together. Usually Corbin does all the talking.

Or so I think. 🙂

What about you guys? Do/Did your kids have imaginary friends? What about you? 

Sovereign Over Us

There are some songs that move me. 

Spiritually, not physically.

Though, let’s be honest–there are those songs, too. Cupid shuffle, anyone? Generally, these songs are reserved for weddings or silly youth ministry videos. 🙂

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Nighttime Routine

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately signed up for updates from several pregnancy and parenting websites. (Yes, I’m a nerd.) I learned about my baby’s progress each week. From heartbeats to kick counts, I was constantly in the know about what he was experiencing.

I’ve continued receiving those updates
even after he was born, and I love them! In the last few months, I’ve read a lot about setting a bedtime schedule with infants. Jay and I began a bedtime routine with Corbin around 3 months, and it seems to really help him get ready for bed. Most days he doesn’t even cry when we put him in his crib. That makes my heart happy.

For you new moms, here’s what we do.

8:00 feed him
8:30 change him and put on pjs
8:30 play time on his mat
8:45 read Goodnight Moon
8:50 sing a song
9:00 put him in his crib

Sometimes he falls asleep quickly…just depends. We find it helpful though.

Here’s Jay reading to Corbin.


Any of you do nighttime routines with your infant?