Discovery Bottles

I’ve been looking for some activities to do with Corbin during the day. I’ve loved finding different blogs and sites devote to time with our little ones. It can be hard to conjure up fun and exciting things for them to do because their attention span is so short! I’ve tried reading a book to him, and it ends up one of two ways: 1) me trying to pry the pages out from under is sweet little diapered cheeks or 2) me wiping up the drool or other bodily fluids from the book. The Little Engine that Could will never be the same.

So instead I went for something a little more durable. A discovery bottle.

I actually had a picture of the bottle, but sadly it didn’t make it to my computer before being deleted off my phone. #photofail

But it’s similar to this one from here:

Look at that sweet face. Gracious.

Corbin really enjoyed it. I taped the lid on just to be sure because he likes to throw things. And I’m glad I did!

What makes him happy makes me happy!

Bye Bye Blues

Today was a major milestone for us and our sweet little C. Usually, as soon as we walk in our church’s nursery doors (which also happen to be the Kids Day Out program doors on Mondays and Fridays), Corbin gets big, crocodile tears in his eyes and grips my arm with a force unnatural for a one year old. I have to pry him off and surrender him into the loving arms of one of the preschool workers while he wails all the way to his room. They assure me he’s okay, it’s normal, and it’ll get better. But it breaks my heart he’s so sad! Does he think I’m leaving forever? Is he scared? These and other paranoid protective thoughts run through my head.

But today was different. We walked in and instantly, he revealed a sweet, toothy smile. His grip lessened a little. He wasn’t tense, but peaceful. Maybe even excited.

We walked him to his classroom, admiring the artwork of the other toddler rooms as we traveled the hallway. And then he saw it–an open door to a room filled with bright, fun toys.

He stretched out his arms and bravely dove into the waiting arms of his KDO teacher. Not a tear. Not a peep. He didn’t even look back.

In an instant, we were replaced by a beach ball. High five.

What has happened?? I mean a beach ball? Come on! I’m cooler than a ball!

Despite my delusional totally accurate measure of my importance, Corbin toddled around in that room as if he drove himself there and packed his own lunch. The nerve.

I’m actually very excited for him. And excited we must be doing something right for him to feel so confident and brave! Praise the Lord!

Did any of you have a hard time with this?

Heads, shoulders, ears and…oh

Poor little buddy. I don’t think his ear infection from a week ago cleared. He started acting fussy a couple days ago, but I thought it was just more teething. #momfail

I’m taking him to see my uncle who’s a pediatric pulmonologist. He’s going to look at his little ears and call in a prescription. That’ll save me $90 and a trip to the clinic. 🙂

Ear stuff is the worst! You can’t fix it, and it hurts so bad. Man. This part of being a mommy stinks.

Still waiting to hear from Gerber to see if C won any of the scholarship prizes in the photo contest. This is the pic I entered.


He’s so happy all the time. It kills me when he’s hurting!

Hope you guys have a great Friday.

A post on passion

1) This is more of a serious post.

2) I was inspired to write this based on the movie/book Julie & Julia. Don’t judge me. 🙂

What’s your passion? Not your job or your goals–your passion. The thing that makes you smile the widest. The thing that, when you’re doing it, makes time fly by.

I recently watching Julie & Julia…twice. I think most people can say it’s a good movie. (Although I’m sure those who read the book will rant about how “The book was better.”) And while it may be, my crazy-lady-with-a-10-month-old schedule won’t allow for more reading than infant Tylenol dosage amounts and Kids Day Out procedures.

Nonetheless, I was able to watch the movie. And in doing so, I became a little depressed.

For awhile now, I’ve whined to Jay about my lack of passion. Oh, for sure there are things I enjoy. Crafting, for example. I like to find something online and make it, even change it up sometimes. I like when people ask where I purchased something, only to find out I made it with my own two hands.

I also like sports. I loved volleyball in junior high and high school. I also liked softball when I was younger. My high school and parts-of-college boyfriend, Chris, taught me the basics of tennis. And when Jay and I began dating, he taught me how to love it as well.

I’ve been told I’m a good storyteller. Not the kind of storyteller my grandmother accused me of being when I, as a child, conjured up who really fed her spinach to the dog. But a good, “Hey, tell that story of the time when Corbin’s diaper exploded and you had to leave El Fenix and buy another shirt.” Yeah, that happened.

I like many of these things. I may even really like a few of them. But a passion? I’m not so sure it goes that far.

My husband is a fantastic Student Pastor. If you know him, you know he’s really a child at heart. He connects with students (and their parents) in ways many of the Student Pastors of my youth-hood couldn’t. They love him, and rightfully so. I’ve never met a person who didn’t like Jay. And if I did, I would seriously worry about said person’s mental health.

It’s his passion. His God-given gift (one of many). He could do it every day, forever. And it’s a good thing because the life of a Student Pastor is 24/7.

But me. No passion. At least no found passion.

I do love to write. It was part of my major in college, although I don’t particularly enjoy news article writing. I like to blog (as you can see), though I’ve not been super consistent as other things have become priority. Like monster backpacks, teething toys and where in the world the pacifier went. Such is the way of a new mom, I suppose.

This isn’t meant to be a pity party for me, but more of a statement of general self-awareness. I need a passion. I’m very bored and unsure how to quench the boredom.

For now, I figure I’ll just try some things. Figure out what I enjoy, and then do it. Write about it. Take pictures of it. Fix it. Perfect it. Love it.

I saw a Groupon email today for 30% off beginner flight lessons. Maybe that’s where I start. 😉

Spit Happens


I call it…”Mountain of Corbin Juices.” Yes, this is the ridiculous amount of clothing I wash (often) because of my sweet son’s reflux. You actually can’t see the 20 burp rags, 10 bibs, 4 blankets, and a crazy amount of onesies stuffed underneath the crib sheet on top. Poor thing. Six months is supposed to be the peak of reflux. Let’s all pray that’s the case!

Nighttime Routine

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately signed up for updates from several pregnancy and parenting websites. (Yes, I’m a nerd.) I learned about my baby’s progress each week. From heartbeats to kick counts, I was constantly in the know about what he was experiencing.

I’ve continued receiving those updates
even after he was born, and I love them! In the last few months, I’ve read a lot about setting a bedtime schedule with infants. Jay and I began a bedtime routine with Corbin around 3 months, and it seems to really help him get ready for bed. Most days he doesn’t even cry when we put him in his crib. That makes my heart happy.

For you new moms, here’s what we do.

8:00 feed him
8:30 change him and put on pjs
8:30 play time on his mat
8:45 read Goodnight Moon
8:50 sing a song
9:00 put him in his crib

Sometimes he falls asleep quickly…just depends. We find it helpful though.

Here’s Jay reading to Corbin.


Any of you do nighttime routines with your infant?