It is Well

My husband and I watched You’ve Got Mail tonight. It was such a refreshing time–to sit by ourselves and watch a clean, happy movie where boy meets girl and things work out. Even if you don’t like chick flicks, you gotta love YGM. Meg Ryan? Tom Hanks? C’mon.  Continue reading


The Scene of Martyrdom

Sometimes when I read Oswald Chambers’ book, My Utmost for His Highest, I have to slow down and reread several sentences. I blink my eyes kinda fast and zoom in on certain words or phrases that are foreign to me. Sometimes I Google a word. Not gonna lie. Sometimes I even cheat and head to the website because the version there is a little easier to read, though it’s never as beautifully worded.  Continue reading

Sovereign Over Us

There are some songs that move me. 

Spiritually, not physically.

Though, let’s be honest–there are those songs, too. Cupid shuffle, anyone? Generally, these songs are reserved for weddings or silly youth ministry videos. 🙂

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Corbin on the Farm2This is one of my favorite pictures of Corbin. I took it a year or so ago out at my in-law’s house. Their sweet home is in the country, where it’s appropriate (for Corbin) to run around mostly naked in the yard. Though I’d be lying if I said C hasn’t done it here, in our neighborhood, under the watchful eye of our HOA. Isn’t that what we pay our HOA dues for? 

Every time I look at that picture, I think, It could really use a thoughtful verse. 

I thought with our current circumstances, this one was appropriate 🙂 He IS doing a new thing. I love the imagery of a spring or river, quenching the thirst of those in need. 

Pray with us, friends, as we wait upon Him to reveal this “new thing” in our lives. 

Praise the Lord, for He is good. 

A Day in the Life

The pain of not being able to have a second child hits at weird moments for me.

Often times, I’m totally involved in my day-to-day activities when someone does or says something that makes my heart wince. It’s almost always an accident, just in my head, or someone making polite conversation. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s not.

The readers struggling with secondary infertility understand this. It’s the lady at the daycare center, “So you’re just enrolling one, then?” Or the sweet friend, Fertile Myrtle, who asks when you plan on having more kids. Or the lady in playgroup who announces she’s pregnant again. Making conversation, you say, “Oh, that’s great! I didn’t know you guys were trying for another.” Oh, they weren’t…with any…of the 5 she has. Please! Give me whatever water you’re drinking!

I remind myself: Do not be envious. For everything, there is a season. 

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