Sovereign Over Us

There are some songs that move me. 

Spiritually, not physically.

Though, let’s be honest–there are those songs, too. Cupid shuffle, anyone? Generally, these songs are reserved for weddings or silly youth ministry videos. 🙂

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Silver and Sapphire

Hello friends! I just wanted to drop by and tell you about a new endeavor.

I’m going a little (maybe a LOT) crazy staying at home, so I thought I would try something that’s just for me. And if I get to make a little extra spending money along the way, so be it! So I signed up with Kitsy Lane Jewelry and opened my new jewelry boutique, Silver and Sapphire.

The shop has something for every price range, from $20 to $200. Additionally, there are weekly FLASH sales that make things even more affordable! One of our current promotions is 8 pieces for $50! If you’re looking for bridesmaid jewelry gifts for your bridal party, this would be a great gift at $6.25 a piece.

The reason I chose Kitsy Lane (as opposed to Premiere Jewelry or other direct sales companies) is that it’s totally FREE to sign up and open your boutique. Seriously. No money required whatsoever. I haven’t put in my CC information anywhere on the site! You don’t have to buy merchandise to showcase at parties or do a yearly membership/consultant fee. Literally, all you do is click sign up and then you instantly have a boutique! And you make 25% commission on everything you sell. From the start. With no upfront costs. 🙂

Should you decide to host a party in your home, or a Virtual Party (KL exclusive!), and you want to have some pieces to show people, then you can purchase a Business Starter kit to do so. However, you never have to do that if you don’t want to!

Your website is already designed for you, but you’re able to make changes to the design, like a new header image, new logo for your boutique (that you get to name!), or overall color schemes. You even get to pick the products you want to sell in your shop!

If you’ve been looking for a way to make some extra spending money, but you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars for something you may not like, I recommend this. I just started two days ago, and I’m really excited about it!

If any of you decide to try out selling, just visit my site above. You’ll be able to open your boutique from there.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you find something you like!


It feels so great to be home.

Do you ever have one of those seasons when life is just upside down and crazy? And you feel like you can’t quite get caught up because something else comes your way? That’s been us. For 6 months.

Recently, we had a very interesting month. The first 7-10 days, Jay and C were sick. Soon after, I apparently became jealous of the attention and developed viral meningitis, which earned me a night’s stay in the ER. Once home, the headaches continued. I could barely sit up for an hour before stumbling back to my dimly lit bedroom-cave to sip Gatorade and watch reruns of Reba.

Meanwhile, my sweet husband was trying to be “husband to the sick wife”, the “daddy and mommy to the little one”, and “Children’s Pastor who’s trying to get things ready for VBS the next week.” We finally decided my pitiful state needed extra attention, so we drove halfway across Texas and met my parents. Corbin and I stayed with them for a week before I flew out to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding. Jay flew out the Saturday after VBS (at 8 a.m.!) to make it in time for the wedding. Then, we drove back. From Colorado. To Amarillo. Then Plano. Then Kaufman. Then Houston.

And now we’re home.

Deep sighs.

As we were driving across Texas, I kept thinking, It’s going to be so great to be home. I was so tired of hearing Siri’s navigation say things like, “For 286 miles, keep straight.” Well thanks, Siri. That’s encouraging. Time is just FLYING BY now!

We pulled into the garage, and I felt totally relieved…for like 12 hours.

Wednesday morning, Jay got up and went to work, and Corbin and I stayed here. At home. The place where I wanted to be since being stuck in the ER or the plane or the rental car. For a few hours, I felt super restful and peaceful. And then discontentment set in.

I looked around my house and realized it was messy. Someone should really clean that. Corbin wakes up with his signature good morning line: “Mommy, I eat.” Someone should feed him. (Lucky for me, Jay did.)

Suddenly, I was bored again and lacking motivation to clean or cook or shop for groceries. I started browsing the internet for local job postings, trying to find something to do. Sure, there was plenty to do here, but I don’t want to do any of that stuff. I want to do something else.

To be truthful, I’ve been so very bored ever since staying home. Just to be clear, I chose it in the beginning. I really wanted to stay home for the first year with Corbin. I wanted to see all the firsts–the first roll, the first taste of real food, the first steps…all of it. And I did. But around day 366, I realized I missed working. Like a lot. I missed interacting with adults. I missed being productive. I missed being able to measure the success of my day. I want to do more than this.

Now, I find it difficult to get out of my pajamas, much less shower or cook. I’ve had some well meaning friends tell me to treat my house like my job–to make lists and to be organized. And I have tried that. I’ve been on Pinterest, trying to find ways to make my house beautiful. I’ve googled every menu planning website, trying to make sure we’re under budget and eating healthy. I’ve researched ways to keep my child engaged and busy, so I can have some time to myself without feeling guilty about turning on Dora. I’ve tried it all.

But really, I’m just sad…and bored…and discontent.

And today, I read this blog post from Barren to Beautiful that perfectly sums up what I feel. It’s convicting and hard to read, but so very true. The excerpt below is my favorite part. She’s talking about that moment when she’s totally broken, feeling completely unsuccessful with her day, and she imagines her daughter speaking to her, directing her thoughts back to the truth of Jesus’ words.


Dear Momma,

Do you remember the nights you cried on the bathroom floor in the dark? When the pregnancy tests sat negative in the trash can? Remember when my nursery was just a storage room? A place for you and Daddy to throw your junk? Remember how you longed to brush my hair with your fingers, to sing me lullabies, to hold me close? And now I’m here. 

Am I enough?

When there’s dishes in the sink, and your skinny jeans sag from all the bending, and dinner’s ingredients still sit on the shelves of the supermarket, because your days are full, full of me. Am I worth your attention? Am I an accomplishment?

Am I enough?

You kept me safe today Momma, you kept me alive. You kept me fed, and rested. You played with me, and made me laugh. Does that count Momma? Am I one of your goals Momma? Just to be together? Even if no one sees it? Or knows it?

Am I enough?

Tell me Momma, did you think I’d be different? Did you hope I’d be different? Do you see me? I’m right here Momma, the answer to your sobbing prayers. But now that I’m here, is there something else you want Momma, to feel good? Do I make your day count Momma?

Am I enough?

And suddenly, the voice changes. My heart wrenches. The Spirit of God begins to whisper, making the table under my wet cheek feel more like the chest of God. And suddenly I know He’s near.


Lord, let me be content in my season. Be near.

Just Keep Swimming

Ah, to feel weightless. That’s how every 7 months pregnant whale woman wants to feel.

Jay and Kassidy (my sis) both have accompanied me to a neighbor’s pool several times so I could float around, trying to get some exercise…but more importantly, trying not to drown. For those of you pregnant, I highly recommend swimming. Especially when we’re having record-setting temperatures here in Texas! (Jay and I got home from dinner yesterday evening at 9:30 p.m. and the outside temp said 97 degrees!) Not.Okay.

As far as diy crafting goes, I’ve made some progress! Last week, I opened my Etsy account in an effort to 1) begin releasing the creativity in me that desperately wants to get out and 2) generate some moo-lah for the fall.

I posted here about a wreath I was making out of magazine pages. I was able to finish it the next day but posting while getting things ready for baby Corbin and working 40 hours a week has become super difficult! More power to those of you who are able…

Either way, here’s the finished product!

diy wreathdiy wreathdiy wreathI thought it turned out really nicely! The pages weren’t hard to glue to the wreath base (I use wood instead of foam for security), and the colors of the pages really popped! Plus, I like that I was able to use a magazine I was no longer reading to make this wreath. Score.

Tonight, Jay and I are celebrating being able to watch t.v. again! Not that we’re big t.v. people, but when one of your wedding presents to yourself is a flat screen, and then you cancel cable because you’re having a baby, you feel sorry for your flat screen…that it’s not able to fulfill its purpose. Now, with a trusty paper clip, my husband has rigged our t.v. to accept local channels. Jay’s We’re watching the Rangers Game as we speak! And the flat screen is happy.

I think we’re planning to wake up early tomorrow and head to Hobby Lobby. I have an unused gift card, an open Saturday, and a host of Pinterest pics I’m unabashedly addicted to. That’s a dangerous combination, friends.


The cold weather is moving out and the sunshine is bright and warm. Mmmmm…deep sigh of goodness.

Much has happened in the last month or so. Jay and I bought a new car! Well, new to us anyway. It’s a Toyota Matrix. Super cute + four doors + great gas mileage = happy mommy-to-be. Getting a car seat in and out of my two-door Civic was not going to be fun.

Since we’re talking about the baby (so glad you brought it up!), we’re 15 weeks along! We’ve got our next appointment this Friday in the a.m. I’ve been told we won’t find out the sex of the baby Friday–sad day–but we should be able to at the next appointment in June. Whoohoo! After that, I’ll start the registry and get things moving on the nursery. We’re still thinking zoo animals…precious, right?? I mean, what’s cuter than this?

It’s a baby wombat, and the answer is nothing.

In other news, my new main concern is figuring out what we’re going to do once Baby Miller comes in October-ish. Jay and I are both working full time, so there’s no one at home to watch Baby, and I hear that’s a problem!

I have some ideas…freelance editing and design work, craft projects to make/sell on Etsy,…ideas ideas ideas. I’m actually about to work on an online portfolio site to hopefully generate some income. That said, I have to run.

FYI: Right now, I’m blog-stalking this one: Dear Lizzy. Besides being amazingly crafty and gorgeous, she’s also HILARIOUS…that’s my kind of craft blog…

Wombat pic from here.