Keep Runnin’, Runnin’

Well, life in the corporate lane is intense! Today marks my week-iversary at Dr Pepper, and though I’m enjoying it, it doesn’t really slow down. The Recruiting Department is fast paced, but I tend to like that sort of environment. I just take a moment every once in awhile to draw in a deep breath…and then I continue.

I’m behind on my classwork. That’s just so not like me. I don’t really know how to process graduate-nicole. I was always on the ball, academically. But life is so different now from college. Then, it was class all the time, and then some work and play. Now, it’s work and play, and some class..occasionally…when I have time and happen to be awake. I try to do class stuff in the evenings, but it’s difficult when this face is looking up at you…wanting to play.


Seriously? Would you turn away and start writing a paper on Uncertainty Reduction Theory? I. Don’t. Think. So. Too cute for school. #momproblems


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