The early bird…

needs her coffee.

What a great day for garage sales! This morning was a bit brrrr-isk, but with the heat in my car and Folger’s in my cup, I was totally ready for the goodness that was to come! And success!

Cheese plate! Do we need a cheese plate? No, not necessarily. But it’s what the Cheese Plate can become that interests me. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it because of a recent Young House Love post for a creative DIY project (yes, I spend a shocking amount of time on their site.) This super cute plate will be the source of said project (hopefully) today.

These similar-to-Corningware dishes are going to be new jewelry dishes! I have yet to find a good way to store jewelry with what we currently have, so for 25 cents a pop, I was ecstatic with this find!

I also found this wooden-looks-like-faux-leather-but-it’s-not serving tray! Similar ones at Target can get a bit expensive. So when I scored this one for $2, I was pleased.

And finally…

Ta dah! Isn’t it wonderful? Our house (built in the 70s) lacks lighting (desperately), so with these (there are two) babies as the subject of a new DIY lighting project, I’m hoping to fix that! Just with a little bit of spray paint and some cute scrapbook-paper shades (or hand-painted ones like this one I found on Blue Cricket Design, originally from happyhousewife):

Could I hand paint that? Maybe not (I can’t even draw stick figures!). But, with a stencil, I might be able to pull it off!

Before you judge me, please understand I am aware that NONE of these things were on my list of things to buy at sales today! But when opportunities arise, you take them!

Especially for a cost break down like this!

Cheese Plate: $2.00

Dishes: $.75

Tray: $2.00

Lamps: $5 (for both!)

Bringing my grand total to a whopping $9.75!

How’s that for bargain shopping? (Let the record show I did find a great kitchen island I’m going back to check on tomorrow!)

Before I start on all the wonderful projects I have in store for the day, I need to go get Jay’s Vintage Valentine present!

Let shopping and DIY madness ensue.



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